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Setup Browser Extension


  1. Download the archive with Google Chrome Browser Extension
  2. Unzip the archive into any folder.
  3. Open Chrome's Extensions page (in the top-right browser corner click small puzzle icon and select "Manage Extensions" option).
  4. Enable Developer Mode in the top-right corner of the screen.
  5. Click on the Load Unpacked button.
  6. Navigate location from step 2 and select "build" folder. Click "Select Folder".


  1. Click small puzzle icon the in the top-right browser corner again.

    Find Drill4J Extension and pin it for ease of use

  2. Now click Drill4J Extension icon. Widget should appear

  3. You have to provide address to Drill4J Admin Backend API.

    Example: for locally-deployed Drill4J instance it will be http://localhost:8090.

    Do not mix it up with http://localhost:8091 which is the address of Drill4J Admin UI Panel

    But the exact address will vary based on environment in question. If you're not sure what to do contact person in your team responsible for Drill4J management

  4. Press "Connect" button once address is entered

  5. You should see "Connecting..." button with spinner for a few seconds

  6. If you did everything correctly you'll be presented with "Agent not found" message.

    This is the expected behavior

  7. Navigate to Application Under Test page

    Reload the page if it was open prior to extension installation

  8. Press Drill4J Extension icon again

    You should see name of the Application Under Test and "Open Widget" button. Press it

  9. Extension Widget should appear on the Application Under Test page

    Use extension controlls to start testing.

    Once you complete your test make sure to click finish, set either passed or failed results and then click finish again

    You should see your test metrics in Drill4J Admin Panel