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Minimize Your Regression Suite with Drill4J

Drill4J is “feature-on-demand” tool for real-time application profiling that does not affect codebase. It provides the ability to make white box functional testing, via access to application instructions and memory.

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Measure Code Coverage

Code coverage is a tricky metric, but Drill4J provides it with actionable feedback. It allows map tests to code and vice versa.

risks and tests to run
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Risk and Tests to Run

Risk is a new or modified uncovered method. Drill4J advises which test you need to run to cover these Risk methods.

time savings
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Time Savings

It provides visualization of the Test Impact Analysis. You can check how much time Drill4J saves in each build of your application.

quality gate
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Quality Gate

You can configure 3 key metrics: Code Coverage, Risks and Tests to Run and use Drill4J Quality Gate status (passed, failed) in a CI/CD pipelines.

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Chrome Extension

Browser extension allows gather manual Code Coverage for several users on the one test environment at the same time.

Easy to integrate

  1. Run Drill4J

    Deploy Drill4J Admin

  2. Deploy App

    Start your application with Drill4J Agent

  3. Register Agent

    Open Drill4J and register the Agent

  4. Done

    Drill4J is ready to use

Full instruction

Commercial Services


Functionality and features:

  • Test Impact Analytics
  • Test Gap Analysis
  • Microservices Support
  • Chrome Extension
For free


Basic features, plus:

  • Test Impact Analytics
  • Test Gap Analysis
  • Microservices Support
  • Chrome Extension
  • SupportQ&A sessions
  • Plugins customizingSetting up ready-made plugins for a project needs
  • IntegrationConnection of agents to a project
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Start with Drill4J today

Try easy installation of demo examples for Java and JS agents.

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