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What is Drill4J

Drill4J is an open-source tool* to identify testing gaps and reduce time spent on regression testing.

Drill4J provides you with a straight path to incorporating Test Gap Analysis and Test Impact Analysis into your SDLC.

  • It integrates with all parts of system under test, including backend and frontend services;
  • It tracks all types of tests, including automated and manual;
  • It detects changes in application code;
  • It tracks code execution.

Based on that Drill4J:

  • shows code not touched by any tests. Both in percentage and down to exact place in code.
  • detects risks - modified or new code which needs to be tested;
  • recommends minimal and sufficient set of tests;
  • tracks if tests really covered aformentioned risks;
  • provides comprehensive metrics which can be easily integrated to automated release pipeline with straightforward Quality Gate API.

All the above allows to speed up testing and development cycle, eliminate guesswork and back tests results with hard data.

*License: Drill4J is open-source and licensed under Apache 2.0.