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Steps to setup Drill4J

This page describes general steps required to setup Drill4J for your project. Use it as a checklist. You can find more specific instructions in further sections.


Before diving into setup, read the Overview section to get a better grasp on reasons to use Drill4J

  1. Step 1 Deploy Drill4J services

  2. Step 2 Integrate Drill4J Agents with Application Under Test components. Drill4J provides agents:

    • For apps in Java / JVM languages
    • For web frontend in JavaScript/TypeScript
    • For .NET apps

    That should provide you with Code coverage and Risk metrics.

    Depending on your project needs you might be satifsfied with results of even basic integration

    In order to take advantage of Recommended tests you'll have have peform additional configuration

  3. Step 3 Configure tests integration. Drill4J provides components to supporting metrics collection from:

    • API test
    • Manual tests in web
    • E2E UI tests
    • Unit tests

See next sections for detailed instructions